JOHN A. FALLONE is a Biz Dev Consultant, copywriter, marketing strategist, sales executive, turnaround specialist, motivational speaker, legendary sales manager, training guru and Founder, President, & CEO of Traininguru and PROFILE MAKEOVER.


TRAININGURU solves business and interpersonal problems, specializing in creating simple, yet highly effective business strategies to accelerate revenue growth while reducing costs.

For more than 20 years, John has assisted successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders and IT executives in the development and implementation of proven, powerful, high growth strategies that have exponentially boosted revenues and increased profits, while dramatically improving employee motivation and retention.

A DILEMMA In today’s uncertain economic climate, many organizations are facing a dilemma, wondering if they should increase headcount to foster growth and revenue creation. Some are concerned that hesitating to do so may yield unintended consequences, sacrificing a competitive advantage, when the economy begins to turn around. Additional employees raise costs considerably, especially in connection with training, insurance and other benefits.


TRAININGURU CAN SOLVE THIS ISSUE—AND SAVE YOU MONEY! For a fraction of what it would cost to bring on board one new employee, Traininguru will provide high-impact business strategies, assist in training and implementation, while exponentially boosting revenues and reducing costs.


Are you looking for a new job? If so, Profile Makeover will attract hiring managers, recruiters and employers to your LinkedIn profile.

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Part of Traininguru’s “Business & Interpersonal Solutions” portfolio, PROFILE MAKEOVER will help you to get the attention you need to move ahead.

“Change your Profile–and Transform Your Life”

Contact us today for a free telephone consultation. We’ve helped small, mid-sized and larger businesses dramatically grow the top line, reduce costs and increase profits in as little as a few weeks—with sustainable results over time.

We help individuals dramatically enhance their online visibility through creative makeovers of their LinkedIn profiles.

“Change your Profile–and Transform Your Life”


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